I really like cycling, more specifically roadcycling. The drop handle bars, the STI gear shift and brake lever, the sleek tires and the elegant fork - that is something I really fell in love with. The first time I rode a bike that could be described that way, was in Japan. It was already at the end of a hiking journey and I just had a few days left until I would meet up with my father in Hiroshima. So I decided to ride the Shimanami Kaido. A cycling route connecting the bigger part Honshu with Shikoku, the small island. To be honest, the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about it is my butt hurting. But it was still great views and just overall pleasure of riding in this very far away country on a beautiful and fast road bike. I remember talking to my host at the hostel the night before I would ride - he told me I probably liked the look of the bike so much because it looks like a roadster, like a Ferrari. I agree with him on that. Still nothing manages to be so sleek, lightweight, silent and fast at the same time.


A great movie. It's not extraordinary realistic and it probably did not win any prices for best dialogues. But it is extraordinarily fun to watch. The reason for me knowing this film is a Videogame-Journalist from Berlin.

What this masterpiece greatly expresses is passion for something and dedication to make something happen. So I chose this very scene to display here. The TRZ Airmaster is an airplane engine, that releases easily 10-30 times more kilowatt than a regular car engine - let alone the sheer size of the engine, this amount of engine power would not work in a car in the physical world we know. But that does not matter. I just really like how Frisbee, his friend who is being involved in Mafia-business, shows this beast of engineering achievement to his pal.

The faces and expressions are just so very well made, that there is now wishing for "real" characters. In it's world, all of this is very believable. To be honest, that is a very important aspect while watching a movie. I think it is even the most important. When the world is believable in itself, or "valid", then the film is already a lot more likely to be liked or loved by me, and I'm just your average film observer type of guy.